Some people have never heard of radiation being connected with wi-fi and smart meters and they certainly have no idea what electrosmog is. I will quickly go over the basics. Electrosmog or dirty electricity, as it is sometimes called, is the electromagnetic field and/or electromagnetic radiation that comes off of cell phones, electric wires, transformers, electric meters (especially the new smart meters) digital clocks, cell phone towers, wi-fi, computers, appliances (espcially energy efficient ones), fluorescent lights, electric blankets microwave ovens and many more things. Here is a great article that goes into more details on the EMF’s from some of these things. “So what”, you may say, “what is the big deal?”

Negative Effects of Electromagnetic Smog

Well, this pollution has a tremendous negative effect on the human body, especially small growing children.  Electrosmog can cause all sorts of ailments that seem to have no explanation:

  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • forgetfulness
  • asthma
  • infertility
  • diabetes
  • hormone imbalances
  • tumors
  • melanoma
  • sleep disorders
  • ADHD
  • DNA: Electrosmog can even effect the structure of our DNA. The cells in our body treat EMF’s as a harmful invader, which it is. This results in the cellular level being in a state of distress for long periods of time.
  • Water Contaminates: Another little known fact is that EMF’s traveling through our water pipes attract contaminates to our water increasing the pollution in our water.
  • Mold: Additionally, electrosmog can have a profound effect on mold, increasing it’s growth rate significantly. If you have a mold allergy, electrosmog can increase your exposure to mold and make it more difficult to rid your home of mold.

The Current Electromagnetic Spectrum

I don’t know anyone without wi-fi in their homes.  In my neighborhood, when I turn on my wi-fi connection on my computer, I see a list of at least eight other wi-fi connections.  This means, at least, 8 of my neighbors have wi-fi and their signals are coming through my walls into, not only, my home, but mine and my children’s bodies. With smart phones becoming the rule rather than the exception I wonder how many instances of tumors we will see in all different parts of the body in the, not so distant, future.  Most smart phones can not be turned off.  Essentially even when you turn it off you are still receiving EMF’s from it.  Smart phones utilize each other for better reception.  This means that if the cell phone tower is at point A and you are at point B, everyone that is in the proximity of this cell phone tower, but further away than you will be piggybacking off of your phone to get better reception.  This is great news for our reception but horrible news for our health. UGH!!!

During the past 100 years, we have methodically filled in the electromagnetic spectrum far beyond what occurs in nature.

Excerpt from Cell Phones are Dangerous, But This May Be Far Worse…

What we can do about it

What can we do about this and all of the other exposures we have to this harmful pollution? Julie Genser’s article Reducing Electromagnetic Frequency Exposure May Improve Your Health is a great place to start. It lists 15 different ways to reduce EMF exposure.

I will go over some other things that are not listed.

  • It is imperative that children not use cell phones directly on their head without some sort of EMF disruptor (I’ll talk about these in a bit). Children’s skulls do not have the bone density or thickness as an adult skull and the frequencies go directly to the brain causing damage and even cancer risks.  If your child must use a cell phone and you don’t have an EMF disruptor on the phone make sure they use it on speaker phone and keep the phone away from the skull and other vital organs.  These risks are still there for adults, especially those adults that spend countless amounts of time on the cell phone.  You up your risks even more when you add the use of a blue tooth headset.
  • One simple solution on an iPhone is to go into settings and turn it on “Airplane mode”.  This shuts off the wi-fi and cellular data.  I do this every night since I charge my phone in my bedroom. (I no longer charge my phone in my bedroom while I sleep, I believe even with it is on airplane mode the risk of EMF exposure is still there, not a risk I want in my bedroom while I sleep)
  • Put your electronics, especially your wi-fi on a timer. Set it to turn off at night and come back on in the morning.
  • If you can afford to renovate or are building a new home wrap the bedrooms with radiant barrier and ground it. This will not only help with insulating but the barrier actually prevents the EMF’s from entering the room. It is very important to reduce this pollution when you sleep.
  • Cleansing and detoxing are very important. Monthly fasts, therapeutic baths of Bentonite Powder, baking soda or sea salt are helpful in detoxing the body.

The last thing I’m going to talk about are the disruptors I mentioned above. There are a wide variety of products on the market. In the research I have done, I think the best product at the best price is the Safe Space Home Kit. This kit is no longer available. You can see the range of products here.

This kit comes with
3 appliance patches
2 energy strips (these can be applied to the main electric conduit coming into the home and the main water line, eliminating the electrosmog in your water freeing it from attracting more dangerous chemicals)
Cell Phone Patch
4 Georesonators to clear your property
SafeSpace II to clear small areas in the home
SafeSpace I to clear large areas…approximately a 1000 foot radius.

I have yet to purchase this but it has been on my wish list for some time. Our bedroom has a smart meter on one wall, two outdoor AC units on the other wall and a transformer on the electric poll 30 or so feet away. Talk about a polluted sleeping environment!!



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