On this last day of oral care series I am going to tackle, yet another controversial topic.  I am not a professional, an expert or scientist.  I am a mom.  A mom who has done a ton of research.  A mom who was blessed to be exposed to this truth at my first dental appointment with my father in law, who was my dentist for 18 years before he retired.  At that first appointment, when I was only 19 years old, with a mouth full of METAL filings, he said to me “we need to take these out!!”.  I really do not remember how many appointments it took to replace all of my mercury filings with composite, but I’m sure it was at least two.  Thanks be to God, he was a holistic dentist and took all the necessary precautions to remove them SAFELY!!!

Knowing what I know now, after researching and studying health and the body, I am quite confident that the removal of those mercury filings at such a young age saved me from MANY more severe lifelong problems, as the heavy metals had already spread to my body…although I would not know it for another 11 years!!!

When I first started to see my wonderful naturopath, Danette Goodyear, using the EDS technology it was discovered that the frequencies associated with Mercury, Gold, Chromium, Platinum and Beryllium were in my NERVES & HEART and the frequency associated with Mercury was in my Lymph System & Large Intestine.  At that time, I had been diagnosed medically with Supra-ventricular Tachycardia.  What this means is that my heart would start to race, flutter, stop beating for MANY seconds before finally going back to a normal heart beat.  They wanted to put me on a monitor to record this and that could have possibly lead to major medication or a pace maker.  I, of course, put it all off and went to a naturopath.  :0

I began a regime of a homeopathic detox for heavy metals and before my one month follow up all of the symptoms in my heart had ceased.

I tell you this so that you can see that things are not always as they seem.  I know of another person who developed MS symptoms from heavy metal toxicity.  Once treated for the heavy metal toxicity her MS symptoms went away!!

This stuff is serious.  So serious I’m going to tell you something you may not want to hear.  If you have metal filings you need to seriously consider getting them out!!  Like ASAP!!!  I recommend consulting with someone who is very knowledgable on this and can tell you if it would be appropriate for you to do it right away.  Obviously, there are circumstances that make it not a good time for removal.  i.e. pregnancy.

Young Living Products to Support the Body

Juva, Juva, Juva
Any and all of the Juva products.  These products are fantastic at supporting the liver!!!  As you know a healthy, properly functioning liver is essential for detoxification.

  • JuvaPower
  • JuvaSpice
  • JuvaTone
  • JuvaCleanse
  • JuvaFlex
  • GLF & Citrus Oils are great to use too.

Eliminating REGULARLY is key!!
As with any normal cleansing of the body it is SOOOO important that things are moving out and not reabsorbing.   To help support your digestive system during this time use:

  • DiGize Vitality
  • Comfortone
  • Detoxzyme
  • ICP
  • Digest & Cleanse
  • EssentialZyme-4 or EssentialZyme
  • MegaCal

Nourishing the Body

  • MultiGreens
  • Super C
  • Mineral Essence
  • Life 9
  • NingXia

What you need to know BEFORE removal…

Our family dentist Dr. Preetha Thomas of Enclave Dental has a wonderful article explaining more here.  After spending much time speaking with Dr. Thomas and her taking the time to show me all of the measures they take to protect not only you when you get your heavy metal filings removed, but the staff (who has WAY more exposure than you) and the rest of the patients, I can say with confidence that Enclave dental has set a standard that all dentists should follow!!!

If you goto a dentist that still utilizes mercury filings, I STRONGLY recommend you STOP going to their office.  Even if you are not getting the mercury filings.  Just being in the building where mercury is used for filings or mercury filings are being drilled out using regular methods is HAZARDOUS to yours and more so to your children’s health.  The levels of the heavy metals in the air FAR exceed the safe standards and these tiny particles are easily breathed in.



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