The Swell Living Manifesto

Running the average American home is complicated. From Monsanto to Visa to Phizer, there are many corporate solutions. These solutions are often merely band-aids that mask root problems and seem to mysteriously create dependancies on other corporate solutions. There is a certain simplicity in going to “the store, the bank, the doctor, etc..” to solve life’s problems but if you have ever talked to someone about the list of prescription drugs they are on or how they ended up with a 12,000 channel TV package that costs about as much as their mortgage payment; you start to see that these large corporations put profits before the overall well being of the end user. Of course, if you have enough money, you can purchase only the best products, hire a personal assistant, a financial advisor, a personal trainer, a lawyer and who ever else is out there that will figure out how to live your life for you. In short, you can go on auto pilot and hope everything works out.

At Swell Living, we are starting a minor revolution. We think that there is a better way to obtain the best products, learn the techniques for using them and then share this swell new way of doing things with those around you. This swell way of living can be shared without playing on peoples’ fears and desires. If the dysfunctional corporate model is cut out of the mix, a sharing culture arises that is based on love and mutual satisfaction. We think that understanding root problems and taking charge of solving them is an integral part of life and that a person’s whole life should be considered when solving a problem.

We understand the idea that a democratic, republic with a capitalistic economy should result in Wal-Mart offering the best products at the best price, but the reality is that it offers the worst products at the best prices. The insatiable consumerism that funds the monster stores offers product manufacturers the ability to violate human rights and God’s creation all in the name of making enough money to cash out so they don’t have be a part of the world they have created.

Letting the majority decide sounds great. As long as the majority is compiled of intelligent, moral and considerate people who care about you and your family.

By contrast, at Swell Living we believe that like-minded individuals interested in solving life’s problems in a progressive, holistic way can work together to do it in a better, more affordable way than a typical corporate model could ever imagine.

We are problem solvers, but we are nice problem solvers!