I can’t stay like this forever!!

Can I?

Well, um, let’s see I can try, I’m pretty strong willed, uh, well, no…I can’t…Sometimes you need to change, right?

Well, I have had a few blogs over the years.  I have another one where I have blogged about religion, politics, health, parenting, etc.  I think the last post I did was in 2008 and since then I started to redo it and it is still under construction.  This fell by the wayside because of my daughter, Lucy’s, condition and surgery.  If you don’t know about this you can read about it here and here.  I have also been keeping a private blog to keep family and friends updated on Lucy’s condition.  Since we have been victims of a false CPS case I felt it was necessary to only put certain details on this blog about Lucy.  I hope that you understand and perhaps as we move further away from this ordeal I may reconsider making that one public.

As you know, I have a passion for all things natural and have been especially blessed with learning about therapeutic grade essential oils.  I also have a serious passion for writing.  One day I came up with the name Swell Living and wanted to blog about the knowledge I have gained over the years.   Usually, my ideas/dreams of things I want to do come and go and never get done.  I always reassure myself that this is all part of being a stay at home-homeschooling-mother of 5-and one child with a chronic condition.  The idea for Swell Living was sort of thrust into actual existence once it was eminent that Lucy needed to have surgery.  I decided to push myself to get this up.  My motivation was still rooted in wanting to help others and share knowledge, but somewhere along the line I began to feel a desperation to try and make extra money to pay for Lucy’s impending  medical bills.  I thought it would be a great idea to try to promote my Young Living business and use the money to help pay for Lucy’s expenses.

Well, as always, God had a different plan.  I have been using Young Living products with miraculous success for over 7 years.  I have always felt compelled to share what I have been learning with others and to help others heal naturally.  Over the years I have had many friends and family members use Young Living products with much success, yet I always seem to give away more than I sell.  I spend a lot of time introducing people to Young Living and they love them and have successes too.  Then they will happen to run into someone else who is a Young Living distributor and sign up with them.  I try not to take it personally.  I know God has a plan.  Right now it is obvious that God’s plan for me is not to make money at this business, just to share and help others.  Let me clarify that making money has NEVER been my motivation.  It only became a preoccupation when faced with the exorbitant, long term expenses for Lucy.  Really, I just wanted to try and make enough to pay for her supplements, but that hasn’t happened either.
Why am I writing this?  Well, I want to release myself from this self imposed limitation.  I want to stop writing with the thought of making money in the background of my mind.  It just dawned on my one day.  Who am I kidding?  I am not a salesman.  I want to share freely with people what I know, simply for the sake of sharing what I know.  God has already proven more than faithful on our financial needs for Lucy thus far.  We have had so many wonderful people donate.  I want to trust that He will continue to provide for Lucy’s future medical expenses in whatever way He deems, not my way.  That doesn’t mean that I still don’t have a desire to build my Young Living business, because building up my business means more and more people are using these products and having the miraculous results God intended us to have from His wonderfully, intricate creation.  If I had the money I would buy them and give them away all day long, simply to help.  Maybe someday God will bless us this way and I will be able to do this.  Who knows?

I am still going to continue to write about therapeutic grade essential oils and other Young Living products, but now I have freed myself and this blog up to write about other things as well.  I plan to write more often and about all sorts of issues pertaining to living swell, from health, diet, homemakeing, parenting, how to live simply…anything to do with Swell Living!!!  Don’t worry I will save the blatant political and religious articles f0r my other blog, but don’t expect those subjects to never come up.  They are so interconnected, it’s almost impossible not to bring them up once in awhile.  Anyways, once I get the other blog up and running I will link to it for those of you that are brave enough to venture into that part of my thought process.
Another bonus is that I now feel free to post things such as this:

Phenomenal Magnum Dancing a.k.a. Miles from Katie Guy on Vimeo.

I love my 6 year old, he is Awesome!! You can hear my older kids in the background cleaning up dinner, this is why Miles has the music to dance to. Every night when they clean up they put music on…just another example of Swell Living.


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