I am so excited to share with you guys about dental care.  Man there is just SOOOO much to cover and so much I want to say.  I will try to keep things as short as possible, which probably will not be easy.  I married into a dental family.  My father in law (now retired) was one of the ONLY holistic dentists in the Dallas-Forth Worth area for many years…a pioneer in the industry.  So this has been my life for over 22 years!

Let’s kick this series off with TOOTHPASTE If you are NOT using one of Young Living’s toothpastes you need to start…NOW!!!  Our family has been using Thieves toothpaste for 12 years!!  Our favorite was the Thieves Dentarome with the green stripe on it, which they discontinued a few years ago…decisions, decisions.  We had to choose a new one.  My husband and I settled on the Thieves Dentarome Plus.  We LOVE this toothpaste.  My older children had been using the Dentarome Ultra for many years so they were not effected, but my younger ones were.  They were great with the Dentarome, but the Plus was a bit too spicy for them.  Thankfully, we had other choices.  The younger three now use the AromaBright Toothpaste and love it!!!

ALL of Young Living’s Toothpastes are:


~Fluoride FREE

~Plastic FREE

~Preservative FREE

~NO sugar

~NO Artificial colors

~NO Artificial Flavors

~NO Artificial Sweeteners

~NO synthetic chemicals

This means it’s TOTALLY cool if you or your children SWALLOW any of Young Living’s Toothpastes.  I mean, seriously, even if you and your kids spit it out, you know some of it is going down.

READ your toothpaste.  If it says “Call Poison Control if Swallowed”  THROW IT IN THE TRASH…or Better yet, take it to the hazardous chemical place!!!!

ABSOLUTELY NO reason to call poison control EVER if you swallow Young Living’s toothpaste.


Most brands of toothpaste contain very large sized abrasive particles that will easily wear away your tooth enamel.  You know the hard outer part of the tooth that protects it.  It is a difficult process to remineralize our teeth.  Any precautions we can take in protecting our enamel the better!!  Young Living’s toothpastes contain a low-abrasion formula containing the smallest particle size, yet still able to remove biofilm from the teeth.


~Uses only water and lecithin

~Slowly release beneficial compounds and flavors overtime

~Binds essential oils to the mucus membranes and tooth enamel in the mouth to provide long-lasting control of bad breath

~in studies it took 30 repeated rinses with water to remove the dental liposomes

Thieves Dentarome Ultra & Thieves Aromabright Toothpastes BOTH have the awesome Lipsomal Technology.

If you LOVE the Dentarome Plus like I do, which does not have the Liposomal Technology, don’t fret!!  The Thieves Mouthwash has the Liposomal Technology.  I have always used BOTH!!

Dentarome Plus DOES have sodium bicarbonate which helps to enhance the effects of the POWERFUL Thieves blend and Peppermint essential oils in it.  As well as ionic minerals and stevia.

Who wants WHITE teeth??

Dentarome Ultra may be your goto toothpaste.  It contains calcium carbonate which is essential for brightening teeth, it also contains xylitol and Zinc oxide.

Or maybe you prefer the Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste…this ALSO contains the calcium carbonate for brightening teeth.

AROMABRIGHT has BOTH the calcium carbonate & the sodium bicarbonate, along with the liposomal technology, xylitol, Thieves EO blend and the addition of Ocotea this makes the Aromabright the most broad spectrum toothpaste Young Living carries.  It also contains NO WINTERGREEN EO for anyone that is avoiding that.

I, personally, do not like the taste of Dentarome Ultra.  I can use the Aromabright, but just really prefer the Dentarome Plus.  So I know that I am not getting that extra whitening power.  Whenever I feel like my teeth need a little pick me up in the brightening/whitening area, I simply add a drop of orange or lemon oil to my toothpaste or add those fantastic citrus oils to my oil pulling routine (we’ll talk about oil pulling another day)


This is going to be the MOST mild toothpaste Young Living has for those tiny, more sensitive mouths, mouths that ALREADY give you a hard time about brushing their teeth.

KidScents has the totally awesome Slique Essence essential oil blend in it along with the Thieves essential oil blend.  You could just sit and eat it.

It also contains Xylitol, which I have not talked about yet.


~balances PH levels in the mouth

~bacteria in the mouth are unable to digest xylitol…no food source, no growth

~may rise the PH of the plaque

When PH is above 7 your body has an easier time moving the minerals in your saliva into softened enamel, ensuring that these spots do not get so soft they decay and need a filing.

Sugar & artificial sweeteners lower the PH of your mouth and body and FEED bad bacteria.   ALL the more reason to use Young Living’s toothpaste!!!!

One great thing I learned early on was to explain to the children in very simple terms what is going on in their mouth.  The mouth contains bad bacteria (germs), when you eat sugary foods it feeds these bacteria, which then poop on your teeth.  This poop is the plaque.  Brushing helps remove the bacteria poop.  :O  Explaining this always helps ensure my little ones are fervent about brushing their teeth.  The GREAT tasting toothpaste makes it an even easier task for us busy moms to get accomplished around the house!!


Above you can see a wonderful chart to help you decide which toothpaste is for you.  Remember everyone is different.  We all have different mouths, different spit, different PH levels in our mouths, different needs.  If my mouth were different I probably would gravitate to one of the other toothpastes.  You know your body and your mouth the best.  Give them a try and see which works best for you!!!





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