Today we are going to tackle these tree awesome Young Living products. As with all the Young Living Oral Care products these are ALL ABOUT THIEVES!!!! If you have not researched the Thieves essential oil blend and it’s individual oils YOU NEED TO!!!  There have been umpteen studies done on Thieves and each of its individual oils and their constituents.  If I could go into it all I would, but I can’t.  Besides there isn’t nearly enough room here to put it all.   There have been university studies in Utah, France, Maryland, medical literature studies, peer reviewed, American Journal of Dentistry study, Journal of Clinical Periodontology study, Over 100 studies have documentation on the power of essential oils to support oral health.  I could go on and on with this kind of info.

Thieves Essential Oil Blend


  • Cloves…supports the immune & circulatory systems, & the bodies natural inflammatory response,
  • Lemon…supports the immune & circulatory systems, normal cell growth
  • Cinnamon Bark…supports the immune system and bodies natural inflammatory response
  • Eucalypptus Radiata…supports the immune system, & the bodies natural inflammatory response
  • Rosemary…supports the immune system and bodies natural inflammatory response

Do we see a pattern here with what body systems the individual oils in Thieves supports? It is such a fantastic blend to have in our mouth as much as possible.  Our mouths are our first line of defense against MANY pathogens.  Supporting our oral health is of the upmost importance!!

Thieves Lozenges and Thieves Cough Drops

Of course, these contain the Thieves essential oil blend.  Making them a perfect partner with the mouth.  Besides the obvious uses, we LOVE to have Thieves Lozenges and cough drops on hand to help freshen our breath when on the go.  As you know fresh breath is a sign of a healthy mouth and in turn a healthy body. Another excellent use is to keep a Thieves Lozenge or Thieves Cough Drop in your mouth during a flight, in fact, keep one in your mouth the whole time you are in the airport as well!!! With hundreds of thousands of people going to and fro…airports and planes are full of stale impure air.  Since our mouth is our first line of defense, any help we can give to support our immune system in this environment will go a long way.

Thieves Floss

Who LOVES to floss?  NOT…flossing is not really the most exciting task in up keeping the health of our mouths, but it needs to be done.  Nobody likes to feel like they have sweaters on their teeth!!!!  Flossing, when done properly, manually removes the biofilm from in-between our teeth and below the gum line. Lets talk about proper floss positioning… You should gently put the floss between your teeth holding it on either side of the tooth, then pull either end of the floss towards the tooth wrapping it around the sides BEFORE going up and down with it.  You will notice, if your gums are healthy, you can get that floss WAY up above the gum line.  This is imperative in cleaning that biofilm out and preventing plaque build up above the gum line. The other fantastic thing about using the THIEVES floss, in this correct manner, is that you will be depositing the Thieves Essential oil blend that is infused into it up above the gum line where it will go on to support your immune system, circulatory system and the bodies natural inflammatory response for hours!!!

Thieves Mouthwash

Oh Thieves Mouthwash, what would I do without you? I am going to get seriously personal here.  I have had six pregnancies.  After several, when you have littles to take care of, certain things start to get neglected in the daily maintenance of your own body.  All moms know this.  We have a hard time taking the day to day advice of “put your own mask on first”. So my first thing to go is flossing and sometimes I would be too tired to even brush before bed…YIKES.  I said it.  I have been known to rarely floss during pregnancy and even skip brushing at bedtime. EVEN WITH A DENTIST FATHER IN LAW.  :-/ With my first three pregnancies I ended up with a cavity after each. Although they weren’t significant they were still cavities.  With pregnancy 4 I began using the Thieves toothpaste and Thieves mouthwash.   With this being the fourth pregnancy my tiredness did not improve so neither did my flossing and brushing habits.  I was, however,  SUPER consistent about rinsing with Thieves mouthwash every night.  This took the least amount of effort and tasted SO GOOD!!!  After the baby was born I went to get my teeth cleaned and as usual, told my hygienist about my poor dental hygiene habits while pregnant, fully expecting another cavity.  Well, she checked my teeth and said actually my gums looked healthier than she had ever seen them before AND I did NOT have a cavity.  I repeated the same bad habits with pregnancy five and six with the exact same conversation with my hygienist at my cleanings after each baby was born.  NO CAVITIES~HEALTHY GUMS!!!  YAY!!! I CANNOT stress how fantastic the Thieves mouthwash is.

My whole family uses it.  For my younger kids I dilute it about 70-30.  That’s 70% mouthwash, 30% purified water.  If your kids are more sensitive you can dilute yours 50-50. Another example of its efficacy is my daughter Lucy, who is now 10.  She was unable to open her mouth for three years…from 1.5-4.5 years old, when she had jaw replacement surgery.  In that time, she rinsed with Thieves mouthwash several times a day as we could not even get a brush in her mouth.  The surgeon FULLY expected to pull many of her teeth when he got her mouth open during the surgery.  He pulled NONE. The MOUTHWASH has the Thieves Essential oil blend, plus Peppermint, Spearmint and Vetiver. It also has the awesome Liposomal Time Release Technology that I wrote about yesterday, keeping your breath smelling and tasting fresh for a LONG time. Another important ingredient is Colloidal Silver.

Colloidal Silver

  • Supports the immune system
  • Swishing in your mouth has been shown to prevent plaque buildup, tooth decay and bleeding gums
  • Supports the bodies natural healing process
  • Prevent viruses from entering human cells
  • Supports the bodies natural inflammatory process
  • Disrupt bacterial biofilm
  • Dozens of studies on its effects on all types of bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • Studies on its effects on herpes simplex virus, i.e. cold sores
  • Penetrates the large intestine and help support the digestive system
  • International space station used it to purify water
  • Greeks and Romans used it to prevent food spoilage

As you can see the colloidal silver in the Thieves Mouthwash catapults its effectiveness to powerhouse status.  No-one can afford NOT to use this.  And the price is SO AFFORDABLE.  If for some horrible reason I had to choose one oral care product, I think I would choose the Thieves Mouthwash.

If you have not tried any of these three, get them on your ER orders this month.  You’ll thank me.


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