Our little number six, Owen is six and a half months old now and I finally found some time to make him a batch of fresh bone broth. I have been making my own wonderfully, healthily delicious bone broth for several years now. In my research, I found out that cultures that still consume an indigenous diet often feed bone broth to their babies as their first food. This broth helps to seal the gut! It’s amazing that our ancient ancestors just seemed to know these things by instinct. God is so wonderful and faithful that he infused this knowledge into our ancestors to help sustain generations of people. Modern society thinks it is so smart and advanced, but really I have found that the industrialization of a culture tends to bring it further and further away from this infused knowledge. Industrialized nations spend generations trying to advance, then they spend generations trying to relearn all that was lost.


Anyhow, once I learned about bone broth as a first food, I just knew I HAD to do this if God blessed us with another little one. You see, my last two babies before Owen had allergies. I had hoped this baby would be different, but that has not been the case, I am currently gluten, dairy and peanut free, along with several other weird things for this adorable baby.


This is why starting him out on solids properly is so important. This could be the difference between lifelong allergies and outgrowing them before pre-school. How do I know he is ready for food? You may be asking yourself. Well, first of all he has started to grab at my cup and food when I am eating, he has seven teeth, he is huge, we made it past the six month mark and he has started to seem less satisfied with just breast milk. He seems to be hungry more frequently, wanting to nurse very often especially in the middle of the night, yaaaaaawn!!


Did I mention he is huge and has seven teeth? So we started bone broth a few weeks ago. The bone broth was going so well we started farm fresh egg yolk, you see above, about a week ago.  I think the most fun is watching all of the funny faces the baby makes when experiencing new tastes. We’ll see what’s next. I’m really liking the idea of baby led feeding. You can read about that over here.


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