6/6/18 Delete Digital Photos

Who has DIGITAL CLUTTER made up of PHOTOS?  ME!!! ME!!!! ME!!!!  OK embarrassment time!!  I have 3,888 photos on my phone and…wait for it…blah…I’m not sure I want to share this one…OK…seriously…NO JUDGING!!!  I have 35,054 photos on my computer in “Photos”.  To my defense. I have had an iPhone for over 10 years…fist gen!!  And a digital camera dating back to 2003 PLUS I have a BUNCH of my moms photos on my computer!!!  BUT I TOTALLY NEED TO DELETE HUNDREDS!!!!

I have actually stopped taking so many photos in the past year and made a habit of going through and deleting the bad ones RIGHT away!!!  This has slowed down the growth of my digital photo library for sure.  But come on 35,000.  We could spend an actual lifetime looking back at memories stored on our phones and computers.

This doesn’t even take into account all of the videos!!!  So spend some time and delete some photos!!!  My long term plan is to go through year by year and pull out the best photos and have actual tangible books printed for each year that will sit on my bookshelves!!!  No screens, just books with pictures in them.