6/12/18 Blue Light (10 pts)

The blue light emitted from our phones, computers, iPads, TV’s etc. is wreaking havoc on humans.  These blue lights disrupt your sleep rhythms, your hormones, can induce stress, and cause strain on our eyes.

I have Night Shift set to switch my screen on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air to a much warmer, more relaxing tone every evening around 6pm and it stays on until 7 am.

I highly recommend you do the same, your body will totally thank you!!!

Android uses read here to see how to do this on your devices.

On an iPhone and iPad simply go to settings~displays & brightness ~Night Shift

On a Mac goto System Preferences~Displays~Night Shift

If you already have night shift on then go ahead and fill out the form and get your points!!!  🙂