5/4/2018 Simplify~Unsubscribe

So I just spent several hours going through my emails that have accumulated over the past two months.  I went through and unsubscribed from most things.

Most of these are just a time waster!!  Since I sync my emails over my phone and computer things can get lost in the shuffle if I don’t keep a clean inbox!!

Of course, these junk emails get built back up again as you visit websites and purchase things online.  Pretty sure we sign our lives away when we click “I Agree” on most terms and conditions, especially on the major social media platforms.  Our information is fair game and sold to those that want to pay.  So do go through and unsubscribe every couple of months.  You’ll be shocked at how much time it saves you and how freeing it is to have very few emails in your inbox!!

The super duper easy challenge for today is to unsubscribe from 10 companies in your inbox and a bonus if you turn off all emails from Facebook.