Have you ordered your Vitality Drops yet?!  Dr. Buch’s experiment shows just how important electrolytes are for our bodies!

If you do any of these things listed below, or know someone who does, then these new YL Vitality Drops are a must have!

WORKOUT – Whether you are an athlete or work outside and sweat a bunch, replenishment of electrolytes is KEY for your body to function properly.

JUST SAY NO to Gatorade with it’s artificial sweeteners, HFCS, artificial flavoring, artificial colors, soybean vegetable oil, etc etc ETC.

Get under the weather – ditch the Pedialyte and its sugar, dextrose, sucralose, artificial flavors, artificial colors,  etc and give your body what it needs to rebuild.

On Medication– perhaps the most important group…..If you know someone on the diuretics furosemide, bumetanide, hydrochlorthiazide (aka HCTZ), or steroids (including steroid inhalers like albuterol), high doses of daily insulin, sudafed, or a regular user of laxatives or enemas (we actually have a bigger problem here if you know someone who uses these regularly because NOBODY should be doing this)…. this group would also benefit from these drops. These medications are all known for causing or aggravating a low electrolyte situation in the body.

You can order them currently on a One-time order and will be available on ER come 1 February!

~YL Vitality Drops Grapefruit Bergamot – 3pk #30129
~YL Vitality Drops Lavender Lemon – 3pk #30130
~YL Vitality Drops – Variety – 4pk #30988


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